About this Blog…

All candidates need personalized help — the big, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all courses fail everybody miserably. If everybody takes the big courses, well, you figure it why the pass rates in California are so dismal.

Think about it: California’s poor pass rate is the big courses’ pass rate!

Much of what you read here will conflict with what you’ve read and heard elsewhere, and it will undoubtedly conflict with what your law professors will tell you or have already told you, but therein lies its value: you’ll be privy to cutting-edge advice and insights.

By the way, we don’t just think this advice works — we know it works.

Our founder is a former Law Review Invitee who passed the CA Bar Exam on his first attempt by utilizing everything we share with you on the pages of this blog. (Truthfully, he spent about 2 weeks studying for the CA bar exam. But that’s because he spent all of law school getting ready. More on that in upcoming post.)

We have helped people go from scores in the 1,100s to passing the CA Bar Exam on their very next attempt.